Tudor Caravan Park from above - Simon Nicholson

Tudor Caravan Park - Local Area

Tudor Caravan Park is in a beautiful situation, right alongside the Gloucester-Sharpness canal, pub & restaurant on-site and canalside cafe opposite.

It's an easy 5 minute walk to the world famous Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Centre at Slimbridge.

The Tudor Arms Public House
Tudor Caravan Park: The Meadow

Tudor Caravan Park is located right behind the Tudor Arms public house screened by hedges and trees - it's a quiet country pub and restaurant well-known for it's excellent freshly cooked food and wide selection of local real ales & ciders.

Tudor Caravan Park - The Tudor Arms

The Tudor Arms has regularly been awarded 'Gloucester's Country Pub of the Year' by CAMRA and is well regarded by locals and our customers.

Contact the Tudor Arms direct:

Phone: (01453) 890306

Website: www.thetudorarms.co.uk

Black Shed Licensed Cafe

The Black Shed just across the road beside the canal is a licensed cafe where visitors can relax beside the canal and enjoy a drink, something to eat, or do something a little different.

You can hire a bike from Adventure Bike Hire Slimbridge or join them on a Pedal and Pub tour.

Perhaps you'd like to take paddle boarding lessons on the canal from SUP?

Something altogether more relaxing is Gloucester Narrow Boats who have got their day boats for you to hire.

Tudor Caravan Park - Rainbow over the Black Shed

All three companies operate from within the Black Shed Slimbridge.

Contact the Black Shed direct: (01453) 890609

Tudor Caravan Park - Poppies by the Black Shed - Simon Nicholson
Gloucester-Sharpness Canal
Tudor Caravan Park: Gloucester-Sharpness canal near The Black Shed

Tudor Caravan Park is right alongside the beatutiful Gloucester-Sharpness canal at 'The Patch'.

The canal was once the broadest and deepest in the world. Even today, it stands out from other navigations because of its sheer scale and impressive engineering.

Its immense swing-bridges and ornate bridge-keepers’ houses add to its unique identity. It connects Gloucester to Sharpness, allowing boats to bypass a treacherous stretch of the River Severn.

From the canal, there are spectacular views of the Severn Estuary, the Forest of Dean and the Cotswolds.

Tudor Caravan Park - Cycling along the towpath

The towpath is a lovely peaceful causeway for walking and cycling. The 'Severn Way' National Walking Trail passes along the canal beside Tudor Caravan Park, as does National Cycling Trail No.41

Many interesting boats & ships can be seen on on the canal, in the past we have seen frigates, a lighthouse ship, paddle-steamer, and every two years we see the amazing Tall Ships Festival at Gloucester where all the huge ships sail past Tudor Caravan Park on their way to the festival.

Tudor Caravan Park: Saul Junction - Simon Nicholson
WWT - Slimbridge Wetlands Centre
Tudor Caravan Park: Slimbridge WWT

The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Centre at Slimbridge is an easy 5 minute walk from the park - just over the canal bridge and 800 yards down the road.

From birdwatchers to families there is plenty to discover all year round. Enjoy amazing wildlife up-close, the centre is open all year.

It's not just birds - see their 'Back from the Brink' species such as beavers, otters, & rare amphibians.

Click here to see more about Slimbridge Wetlands Centre.

Tudor Caravan Park: Otters by David Thomas
Slimbridge village

The village of Slimbridge is world renowned for the Peter Scott's famous Slimbridge Wetlands Centre, but it's also a pretty village criss-crossed with footpaths centering on the church of St John the Evangelist

The church itself became the centre of worldwide attention in 2018 for the 100th anniversary the end of World War I with the phenomena of Jackie Lantelli's ghost soldiers, one of which his still on display inside the church.

Tudor Caravan Park: Ghost Soldiers
Tudor Caravan Park: Peregrine Falcon on Slimbridge Church - by Kane Brides

St. John's spire is also a favourite place of a regular feathered visitor.

Tudor Caravan Park: Slimbridge Church and mist - by Nicky Warren


Welcome to Tudor Caravan Park Hardstanding pitches at Tudor Caravan Park Swans on the Gloucester-Sharpness canal View of the Old Orchard


Gloucester-Sharpness canal alongside Relax at Tudor Caravan Parkk A lovely big pitch in the Meadow Tranquil Gloucester-Sharpness canal


Slimbridge Wetlands Center just down the road Flamingoes at Slimbridge WWT View along the Gloucester-Sharpness canal Gloucester-Sharpness canal


Paddle steamer on the canal Tudor Caravan Park - The Meadow Thousands of ducks at WWT Slimbridge Tudor Caravan Park from the air (2003)

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